It has been said that the harp touches the emotions like no other instrument. Perhaps this is because the sound it produces is so mesmerizing. Yet, the piano is powerful and able to give expression to a wide variety of musical genres. The human voice is such a unique instrument, as no two are the same. In the end, whatever instrument of choice, learn it well and let it be your voice to the world.
Sherri offers vast experience in planning the musical component of your special event. She is happy to work with clients prior to the event. See the song lists to help you start planning for your event.
When planning your event, keep in mind that Sherri can perform a variety of music genres, including Celtic, classical, folk, jazz, popular, and spiritual.

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I have a vast repertoire that works for weddings, parties, and all kinds of events. Click the button below to look through the list and even listen to select samples of performances.

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